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Bollywood Hindi Film Script Sample - By Sourabh Soni

Movie Name - Say Salaam India (Lets Bring the cup home)
Release Date - 2007
Director - Subhash Kapoor

Note - This is not full script and only for Education purpose... i have written only few draft of this script from the movie so that you people can understand how to write bollywood film script -

SCENE 44 -Day/Government School
Suresh and Hari are standing outside government school accompanied by Rustom on wheel chair…Principal knows Hari and feel nice that such a good coach like Hari has come to the school. He adds that he himself was a cricket player but it’s a game that needs lot of resources and small school like them can’t afford it …Hari says that this is not the case he sates that the scenario is changing now and players from humble backgrounds, without any resources are making it big…principal says that there are some kids who play cricket casually and he has no problem if he meets them but he would like to make it clear that school will not be in a position to provide any support. Hari assures principal that he has got everything with him …he has collected his cricket stuff over the years.  Principal advises that since Mr Hudda looks after sports in the school he should meet him, he calls a peon and ask them to accompany him.

(LS of Suresh standing with Rustom on wheelchair while …Hari has gone in to talk to the principal)

Principal: eSus vkidks ckjs esa dkQh lquk gS Mr Sadu …,d tekus esa eS Hkh fdzdsV [ksyrk Fkk ----- ysfdu ckn esa realize fd;k fd njvly ;s [ksy ge tSls yksxksa ds fy, ugha gS----,d [kkl rcdk gh bls afford dj ldrk gS ----eu cgykus ds fy, Bhd gS vki IykfLVd dh ckWy ls Hkh [ksy ldrs gS ysfdu vxj serious cricket [ksyk gks rks acgqr resources dh t:jr gksrh gS --- tks bu NksVs “kgjks esa dgk ----vkSj oSls Hkh bruk cM+k tournament vkSj dgk¡ ge ---- eq>s ugha yxrk dqN gks ik,xk 
Hari: ugha lj ,slh ckr ugha gS--- vc lhu cny jgk gS --- cM+s “kgjksa esa rks eu cgykus ds fy,  gh [ksyk tkrk gS fddszV --- vlyh tquwu rks vius rstiqj tSls NksVs “kgjks esa gS ---- iklk iyV x;k gS vki viuh csy vki viuh Indian team dks ns[k yhft, 11 esa ls 9 player NksVs dLcks vkSj “kgjksa ls vkrs gSa ---- mu ds ikl u lk/ku gS u infrastructure ysfdu tquwu gS conviction gS --- cl mlh dh ryk”k esa  eSa vki ds ikl vk;k gw¡ ----
Principal: ysfdu Mr Sadu   gekjs Ldwy eSa rks fdzdsV Vhe Hkh ugh gSa \
Hari:eSa tkurk gw¡ ysfdu vkids Ldwy esa 500 cPps i<+rs gSa lj --- vkSj I refuse to belive fd muesa ls 11 Hkh ,sls ughs gksaxs tks fdzdsV u [ksyrs gksa ---eq>s cl ,d ekSdk nhft, ----vki permission ns nhft, ---Vhe rS;kj djus dh ---
 Principal: pfy, Bhd gS ---vki dh ckr ekurs gSa ysfdu bruk lkQ dj nw¡ fd Ldwy ls dksbZ supprt;k enn vki dks ugha fey ik,xh vxj vki dks viuh Vhe bl Ldwy esa fey tk, rks lkjk [kpkZ vkSj oks lc fdV oxSjg vki dks gh djuk iM+sxk ---- gekjk rks NksVk lk ljdkjh ldwy gS gekjs ikl bruk QaM ugha gS 
Hari:vki fQdz er dhft, lj ---oks lc gS esjs ikl eSa lc dj yw¡xk A
Principal: ,d vkSj ckr gekjs Ldwy dh sports incharge Mr Hudda gSa ---oSls rks fddszV ls mUgsa T;knk fnypLih ugha gS ysfdu fQj Hkh vki mu ls ,d ckj fey yhft, -----D;k irk mudh utaj esa gh nks pkj yM+ds gks(calls for a peoon) ----vjs lquks lkgc dks Hudda lj ls feyok nks

Hari meets Hudda

Suresh is standing at a distance with Rustom sitting on the wheelchair. Huda is laughing uncontrollably and calls principal names … he sarcastically says that he should introduce the players.  They move towards ‘akhara’ where around 20 kids including Viru and group are standing wearing langot. Huda introduces them to Hari by their wrestling titles (Hind Kesari, Yuva Kesari, Bal Hanuman etc).

Huda laughing loudly  Mahender also smiles …Suresh and Rustom are at a distance

Huda: cqMMk ikxy gks x;k gS cricket team vkSj esjs Ldwy esaa --- vkvks th vkvks feyokrk gw¡ cricket team ls ---- ;s vt; gS gekjk cky fgan dSljh igypku bls vPNs igyuokuksa dk ewr fudky nsrk gS gangal esa bls vki cSV~l eSu cuk ysuk vkSj ;s yodq”k gS esjk mHkjrk igyoku ------ thida Hkjh gS bls vki D;k dgrs gSa oks golkeeper cuk ysukA 
Mahender: lj th oks wicketkeeper
Hudda: gka wicketkeeper sweeper tks Hkh gS cuk ysuk esjs Ldwy esa ,d cPpk Hkh ,slk ugha feysxk tks fdzdsV fQzdsV ds pDdj esa iM+k gks ----- wrestling champion gSa th ge iwjs ft+ys dh et+ky gS fdlh dh cSV vkSj ckWy dks gkFk Hkh yxk, ---

Hari looks at the boys then says sorry to Hudda and turn back …

Hari: sorry Hudda lkgc eSaus vkidk time  waste fd;k -py Suresh …

Suresh pushes Rustom’s chair when he starts yelling towards Mahi, Viru and others standing little behind …they gradually come towards him and start caressing him …they are meeting like old friends. Hari is surprised and curious to know the connection…he asks Rustom whether they are the same boys he met in the park …
Hari:rqe yksx bls tkurs gks
Viru: gka vady ;s ikdZ esa vkrk gSA
Hari: (to Rustom) ;gh oks yM+ds gS ftUgs rqe ikdS esa fdzdsV [kssyrs gq, ns[krs Fks gSa \ cksy ukA
Rustom replies in affirmative...CU of Huda & Mahender 

Hari with Viru & Gang
Silence for a while. Hari nods his head and says that this is not a good reason to stop playing cricket ... He tries to enthuse them by saying that millions of kid play cricket without bothering how many of them will play at big level. He further adds that cricket should be played without bothering about the future he says that it’s a battle between ball and bat and any level good to enjoy that battle. He says that the best sound in the world is when ball hits middle of the bat and this is what cricket is all about. Kids are listening to Hari with rapt attention…they are quite for a while then Guri says that Mr Huda will not allow them to play …Hari informs then that they need not worry because principal has given him the go ahead. Viru says they don’t even have a full team and how will they manage everything in less than month’s time …Hari assures them that they should leave everything to him.  Viru is keeping quite, Hari asks the reason and he replies that his family will object …others also raise similar doubts. Hari tells them that there is no need them to tell it to their families. Everybody smiles.

Hari: gwa rks ;s dgkuh gS rqe yksxksa dh-----rqEgs irk gS yk[kksa cPpsa gS bl ns”k esa tks fcuk bl ckr dh ijokg fd, fd oks dHkh under-15 ;k under-19 esa [ksysaxs iwjh yxu vkSj tquwu ds lkFk fdzdsV [ksyrs gS xfy;ksa esa ekSgYyksa esa Nrksa is lM+dksa is Vsful ckWy ls IykfLVd dh ckWy ls ------diM+sa dh ckWy ls mUgs dksbZ QdZ ugha iM+rk fd Hkfo’; esa mudk D;k gksxk A exj oks tk tku ls [ksyrs gS -----vkSj rqe yksx ,d Vªk;y esa Qsy gks x;s B.Ms iM+ x;s ----cl bruh gh vkx gs fddzsV ds fy, ----fddszV [ksy gS ckWy vkSj cSV ds l?ka’kZ dk ---vkSj dksbZ QdZ ugha iM+rk fd oks l?ka’kZ fdlh LVsfM;e esa ;k fQj ?kj ds vkaxu esa -----tkurs gks nqfu;k esa lcls vPNh lkÅaM D;k gSA   

(kids look confuse)    

Hari: when ball hits middle of the bat …Vkdddd  oks gS lcls vPNh vkokt+---vkSj ftl fnu oks lkÅaM lqu yksxs rks Hkwy tkvksxs ;s vaMj &15 oxSjg ----vjs rqEgh yksx rks fdzdsV dk ¶;wpj gks-----vxj rwe yksx ,sls gkFk ij gkFk /kj ds cSB tkvksxs rks fdzdsV dk D;k gksxk----vius gwUUkj vkSj tquwu dks igpkuks -----vkSj vxj [kqn ;s dke ugha dj ldrs rks eq>s djus nks----- vc cksyks rS;kj gks \  
(kids look around and then Viru ays)

Viru: gka lj ge rS;kj gS---ysfdu
Hari: ysfdu D;k \
Viru: gekjs ?kj okys ukjkt+ gksaxs vxj mUgs irk pysxk rks A
Hari: ns[kksa 12 fnu cps gS “kq: gksus esa esjs ikl bruk VkbZe ugha gS ds vc eSa igys rqEgs eukÅ¡ fQj tkdj rqEgkjs ?kj okyksa dks ------
Shakeel: rks fQj D;k djs lj-------
Hari: mUgs crkus dh t:jr D;k gS-----ge yksx Ldwy VkbZe esa izsfDVl djsaxs uk mUgs irk pysxk vkSj uk oks
dqN cksysaxs ------vjs tc Dykflt+ cad djrs gks rks D;k eEeh MSMh ls iwNds tkrs gks -----;k fQj Ldwy ds cgkus fiDpj ns[kus tkrs gks -----bUgs crkdj tkrs gks \ gSa \  fQj \ fdzdsV ds ckjs esa crkuk D;wa t:jh gS \

(All kids smile with shine in their eyes)     

Suresh and Hari talking. Suresh asks Hari that he has not even seen these boys playing how come he is sure of their talent?

Suresh: lj ,d ckr iwaNq \ vius cPpksa dks rS;kj rks dj fy;k ysfdu vkidks confidence gS fd [ksy ik,saxs A
Hari: eq>s :Lre ij confidence gS ----cl ;s le> ys fd ;s Vhe eq>s :Lre us <wa< ds nh gSA  
Early Morning/Government School
Hari is briefing boys about the tournament …he tell them that for last ten years teams only from big cities and rich schools have won the tournament and no small town team or government schools have been able to reach even finals. He further says that all the teams those play the tournament are excellent and professional and its going to be tough to defeat them. He adds that they need to win three matches from their zone to reach the final. They start practicing.  

All the kids are assembeled …Hari is addressing them … 

Hari: inter school championship eS vkt rd flQZ cM+s cities ds Ldwy gh participate djrs vk, gSa---- NksVs “kgj ls dksb Hkh team bl tournament ds second round rd Hkh ugha igq¡ph gS ---tks Vhe bl tournament esa [ksysxh oks lc cgqr strong teams gS ----blfy, gesa Hkh iwjh rS;kjh djuh gksxhaA
Shakeel: ysfdu lj mlds fy, gekjs ikl time dgk¡ gS\
Hari: time de gS ysfdu iwjh esgur vkSj tquwu ds lkFk rSlkjh djks dksbZ dlj ugha NksM+ks ---vxj rqees cricket [ksyus dh yxu gS rks fQj ;g 12-&13 fnu cgqr gSa rS;kjh ds fy, ----;kn j[kks gesa finals rd ig¡pus ds fy, vius zone ls rhu match thrus gSa ----fnu jkr cl cricket ds ckjs esa lkspks vkSj gks tkvks rS;kj ---
Kids start practicing …with whatever stuff they have …Hari is impressed with their talent and exchange look with Suresh …Hari notices during the practice that kids don’t have full cricket kits. CU of torn shoes, broken bats etc  

Huda is upset
Huda comes to school and see Hari practicing with kids…Mahender is also there and Huda is not happy with the deelopment …

Huda: ;s Saxena ikxy gks x;k gS ---esjs gksrs gq, esjs school esa cricket ----bldh rks eSa [kkV [kM+h dj nw¡xk ---pyA
Mahender: vjs lj lquks rks lgh ---,sls gks xqLls esa vki dqN Mksy oksy nksxs principal dks fQj ckr dk craxM+ cu tk,xk ---
Huda:D;k craxM+ cu tk,xk \ T;knk cksyxk rks dku is ek:¡xk ,d ----vcs ;s lkyk fddszV pysxk Ldwy esa rks esjs yM+dks dk oks ugha Hkax gksxh ----oks  
Mahender: D;k Hkax gksxh ----\
Huda: vcs oks ----D;k dgrs gSa mls ------,dkxzrk
Mahender: vks lj th vki Hkh u ---gks rks vki igyoku fQj Hkh eksVh ckr ugha le>rs
Huda: oks D;k
Mahender: lj th principal mlds lkFk gS ---vki dqN Hkh dj yks vc ;s rks can gksus mlds lkFk gS ---vki dqN Hkh dj yks vc ;s rks can gksus okyk gS ugha ----le>nkjh blh esa gS ----vki dqN Hkh dj yks vc ;s rks can gksus okyk gS ugha ---- le>nkjh blh esa gS ge viuh Vhe l¡Hkkyrs gSa mls viuh Vhe cukus nks---- sirji
(CU of Huda) 

Hari practicing

All the kids standing watching two big kit bags … Hari looks at them and then asks Suresh to open the bags, Suresh opens the bag and shows new kits for every player…the entire team is happy …

Hari: mBk yks ns[k D;k jgs gks-----lc rqEgkjs fy, gS A

Kids pick up stuff and starts wearing it …they all are very happy

Montage of shoys them practicing wearing new kits …Sonali and Rustom also come in montage and we see kids playing with him…various shots of them practicing, jogging and having fun.  

Heritage School/Harry Oberoi intro

Principal voice on school visuals informing that they have hired renowned cricket coach Mr Harry Oberoi to train the team and they will leave no stone unturned to win the championship this year too.

Gossy: gentleman esa Mr Hari Sadu episode ds fy,s vki lHkh ls ekQh ek¡xrk gw¡----vkSj vkidks ;s crkuk pkgrk gw¡ fd loZlEefr ls iwjh committee us fey dj ;s r; fd;k gS fd renowned coach Mr Harry Oberoi inter school cricket championship ds fy, gekjh Vhe ds dksp gksaxs ----

 Shot of a SUV entering the school gate …A suave, hip and well-dressed Harry Oberoi wearing ray ban glasses getting off the car with two assistants…he is talking on his phone and says

Harry: sory nknk world cup ls igys dqN ugha gks ldrk-----ugha ugha its impossible… ----eSaus ckr dh Fkh ysfdu its difficult …  you concentrate on Ranji trophy Dada and then we will see ok? vPNk  listen also focus on your bowling Bhd gS …all rounder slot [kkyh gS vHkh Bhd gS ----bye         

He comes to the ground where the entire team is waiting…he accompanied by Chopra gives a look to the entie team and says, Chopra is introducing him to the team

Chopra: sidarth Singhania …captain and our main bowler
Harry: hmmn …Sidarth Singhania …son of Mr Tej Singhaia …I know I know good…dSls gS Mr Singhania?
Sid: he is fine sir 
Chopra: Rickey Malhotra …
Harry: oh yes yes Mlhotra group of industries …right?
Rickey: yes sir …
Harry: …I can see the future champions standing in front of me …eq>s vki yksxksa ds VSysaV ij iwjk Hkjkslk gS …so! Lets test your cricket knowledge …you who was voted sexiest cricketer in 2005?
Sid: Wasim Akram
Harry: good …you…who is Brain Lara’s latest girlfriend
Rickey: Tanielle Povey
Harry: wow …good I am impressed …you …who earns maximum through cricket endorsment
Shieny: Sachin Tendulkar
Harry: very good… well guys eSa tkurk gwa fd fiNys dwN fnu were really tuff for you …but don’t worry D;ksfd vc ge tks vk x, gS  …let me tell you that you guys look rocking and let me also assure you ke pichale 5 lkyksa dh rjg bl ckj Hkh ;s di ge gh thrsaxs …I GURANTEE YOU THAT…so lets go going …


Early Morning/Huda scolding

Kids are practicing and the entire wrestling team is watching them … Huda sees his wrestlers watching cricket practice …he calls them and starts scolding …

Huda:D;k dj jgs Fks ogka ij
Kid: ,sls gh xq: th ns[k jgs Fks ----
Huda: D;k ns[k jgs Fks------rsjh eka uk¡p jgh gS ogka----gSa \ dy ls vxj eSaus dksbZ yM+dk ogka [kM+k gqvk ns[kk rks lkys dh Vk¡xs rksM+ nw¡xk-----le> x,-----pyks vkf[kjh esa A
(Everybody leaves)
Mahender:vjs lj th dksbZ ckr ugha -----nks feuV ns[k fy;k rks D;k QdZ iM+rk gS -----djuk rks mUgs ogh gS tks ge dgsaxs ----vki tT+ckrh er gqvk djks th
Huda: rwa lkyk cgqr nsus yxk gS vktdy ----dHkh dHkh rks eq>s rq> ij Hkh “kd gksrk gS fd rwa Hkh fdzdsV dk “kkSdhu gS ----
Mahender:D;ksa xkyh ns jgs gks xq:th----eq>s rks ys ns ds ,d cricket player dk uke irk gS th oks Dhanraj Pillay…-----cl vki dk f”k’;k gwa th -----fdzdsV dh rjQ rks vk¡[k mBkdj ugha ns[krk -----vki “kd er djks csdkj esa        
Government school practice

CU of Hari putting wodden blocks on the pitch ….all the boys are watching he asks Viru to bat
Hari: pyks oh: ----ekgh cSafVax djks -----py “kdhy ckWofyax dj A
Mahi: lj bl fip ij- \ -----exj lj irk dSls pysxk fd ckWy dgka tk,sxhA
Hari: (smiles) rks eSp esa D;k ckWoyj rq>s cksy ds ckWy djsxk------fd vc eSa out swinger dallonga nwaxk ;k Yorker gSa \

Few shots of Viru and Mahi batting on that pitch …getting beaten initially buut finally hitting the ball ver hard …Guri is bowling while Mahi is keeping …Mahi is not able to gather the ball neately …Hari tells him

Hari: ;s D;k gS-----gSa-------ckWy dSls fQly jgh gS gkFk ls \
Mahi:lj oks -----Bhd ls gksYM ugha gks jgh ----
Hari: gloves QSad ns-----tfYn rsjh xzhi det+ksj gS----eSa crkrk gwa D;k dj ------lqjs”k ys dj vk----
(suresh comes with two bricks in hand …Hari gives it to Mahi)

Hari: py vc rwa blls practice djsxk
Mahi: lk blls \ bruksa ds lkFk keeping
Hari: Moin Khan ;kn gS Pakistan wicketkeeper …mldh xzhi ns[kh Fkh perfect…Javed Miandad ,sls gh practice djokrk Fkk mlls ------py rwa Hkh “kq: gks tk -----vkSj rwa xqjh dj D;k jgk gS ---rsjk gkFk ns[kdj cSV~l eSu dks irk yx tk,xkk fd ckWy vanj vk,sxh ;k ckgj ------- Shane warne dk gkFk ns[kk gS /;ku ls dHkh ----irk yxrk gS D;k ckWy QSadus okyk gS gSa \ izsfDVl dj ?kj tk dj izSfDVl fd;k dj --- jkr dks Nr is ------xyh esa---- …(Guri laughs)
Hari: D;k gqvk \
Guri: lj jkr dks rks dkWyksuh esa vkB vkB ?kaVsa ykbZV gh ugha gksrh ------rks dSls izsfDVl d:axk A
Hari: rq>s irk gS Indian off spinner Bhajji …Jullandhar esa jkr dks dSls practice djrk Fkk ogka Hkh ykbZV ugha gksrh Fkh ?  
Night: Bhajji bowling in the dark lane with a scooter parked mid-road with its headlights on …Montage of shots with background score showing these kids doing their daily chores (distributing newspaper, washing mosque, milking buffalo etc) and also practicing in colony (Viru with hanging balls, Bhaji on road with a scooter, Shakkel inside the mosque, Mahi practicing with bricks and others on roof top etc)

We intercut with practice session of the Royal Heritage School 


Hari meets Mahender

Hari & Suresh are talking
Suresh: D;k yxrk gS ---viuh Vhe esa ne gS vc rks ik¡p fnu gh cps gS championship “kq: gksus esa
Hari: Vhe rks vPNh gS -----ij gekjh ckWfyax cgqr weak gS ----dgh ls nks vPNs cWkyj fey tk, rks etk vk tk,A  
Suresh: vc oks dgka feysaxs lj \

(Suddenly Mahender comes)
Mahender: feysaxs uk lj ----t+:j feysxs-----
Suresh:vki  …?
Mahender: dgha vkSj tkus dh t:jr ugha gS lj th vius gh Ldwy esa feysaxs
Hari: rqe brus esgjcku D;ksa gks jgs gks HkkbZ A
Mahender: D;k gS lj th fdzdsV dk “kkSd rks lcdk gksrk gS uk----vc gqM~Mk lkgc ls Mj dj jguk iM+rk gS -----ysfdu esjk ;dhu djks vki ----gekjh dq”rh dh Vhe esa nks ckWyj gS th ----vUuh vkSj t;jkt ----cgqr vPNs gS eSaaus mUgs [ksyrs gq, ns[kk gS th ----deky dh ckWfyax djrs gS ----vki dgks rks feyok nwa
Hari: gekjk VkbZe rks osLV ugha dj jgs gks rqe A
Mahender: Bajrang Bali dh dLke lj th ----ysfdu Ldwy esa ugha feyokÅ¡xk ----“kke dks pfy, [kqn ns[k yks -----gka lj th ,d ckr vkSj ,d ckr dk g`M~Mk lj dks  irk ugha pyuk pkfg, ----Bhd gS th \
Hari: Bhd gS rqEgkjh ckr eku ysrs gS -----“kke dks pyrs gS A  
(Hari leaves when Mahender turns to see Huda behind. …Mahender is scared and starts running, Huda chase him call him names …he chase him in the classroom, corridor etc and finally grabs him)

Mahender Brainwashing Huda

Mahender is wearing langote and Huda is making him do sit-ups, Mahender is pleading but Huda is angry. …Finally Mahender says that Huda can feel whatever he want but he did this for Huda…he further says that for the first time a team from their town is participating in such a big tournament and being sports teacher of the school Huda should be a active part of the venture because if they play well then Hari will take all the accolades. He emphasizes that after all Hari is here for just this tournament & Huda should not remain isolated to such an important sports activity. Huda just looks at him.       

Mahender: lj th ej tkšxk ekQ dj nks---
Huda: 112, 113, 114 cricket team cuok,sxk esjs Ldwy esa oks Hkh esjs gh yM+dksa ds lkFk ----djrk jg djrk jg----- 117,118
Mahender: lj th ,d ckr cksywa ----pyks vki lqukuk ugha pkgrs gks rks Hkh dgrk gwa ---ns[kksa lj th bl Ldwy ds LiksVlZ Vhpj dkSu gS ---vki Mr Surinder Huda …vc lj th ;s tks gS lk/kw ;s rks ;gka dqN fnuksa ds fy, vk, gS ----Bhd gS th vki igyh ckj vkius “kgj ls dksbZ brus cM+s tournament esa participate dj jgk gSa---- gS uk \ vc ;s yM+ds esgur rks cgqr dj jgs gS eku yks vxj bu yM+dksa us vPNk [ksy fn[kk fn;k rks lkjh eykbZ rks [kk tk,xk ---uke gksxk bldk ---v[+kckjksa esa QksVksa Nisxh bldh vkSj vki n.M cSBd djrs jg tk,axs th A
Huda: rwa dguk D;k pkgrk gS
Mahender: cl ;s fd vki Hkh bl Hkh championship esa “kkfey gks tkvksa ------lkFk lkFk jgks vkSj vxj Vhe gkjrh gS rks ftEesnkjh mldh vkSj vxj thrrh gS rks vki Hkh QksVksa Niokvksa v[kkcj esa ----cM+s irs dh ckr gS xq: th t+jk lksp ds ns[kksa -
(CU of Huda)

Hari at Ramlila
Ramlila is on in the colony …Ravana Darbar is scene is progressing, Jairaj dressed up as Hanuman threatening Ravana
Jairaj: gs nq’V ikih----rsjk uk”k gks vkSj izHkw jke rq>s bl iki dk naM vo”; nsaxs  
Ravana: gS dkSu rsjs izHkw jke ,s okuj------dgka ,d lk/kkj.k ekuo vkSj---dgka yadkifr jko.k -----mudk opZLo feVk nwaxk ------- 
Jairaj: lj /kuq’k dks rqe mBk Hkh uk ik, Fks ----mlh /kuq’k ls nq’Vksa dk lagkj djus okys gS izHkw jke -----lhrk ekrk dks canh cuk ds tks rwus ?kksj iki fd;k gS mldk Qy rq>s vo”; feysxk A

(Mahender comes with Hari …Jairaj sees them coming and suddenly comes off the stage to meet them …he comes touches Mahender’s feet)

Jairaj: jke jke lj th ----oks th -----oks \
Mahender: Mj er gqM~Mk lj th ugha vk, gS A ;s gjh lj gS-----
Jairaj: gka lj th irk gS ----fdzdsV dh izsfDVl djokrs gS Ldwy esaA
Mahender: lqu eSaaus rks lquk gS rwa y{e.k cuk gqvk gS -------fQj ;s guqeku \
Jairaj: oks lj th actually buds guqeku dk isV [kjkc gks x;k Fkk rks last moment ij eq>s cuk fn;k
Jairaj: (with smile) lj oks rks th ysfMt jksy dj jgk gS ---fiNs gS th --- eSA lhu [kRe djds vkš th

(He goes back to the stage and starts his scene from where he had left it)   
Jairaj: gs nq’V ikih rsjk uk”k gks ------vkSj izHkw jke rq>s------
Ravana: vks,s t;jkt ;s Mk;yksx gks x;k ----vxys okyk gS vc A
Jairaj: ;fn rwus lhrk ekrk dks ugha NksM+k rks eSa rsjh lksus dh yadk esa vkx yxk nwaxk A

Hari meets Anni
(CU of a boy dressed up as a female ...with complete jwellery & make up etc)   

Anni: gka th lj ckWfyax djrk gw¡
Hari: D;k djrk gS  …spin ;k  fast
Anni: medium fast sir
Hari: fdrus fnu ls izsfDVl ugha dh gS  
Anni: yxHkx nks eghusa gks x, lj ysfdu mlls igys regular practice djrk Fkk th eSA Hkh vkSj txjkt Hkh----

(Jairaj also comes and joins them wearing Hanuman costume)

Mahender: sirji cricket team cuk jgs gS Ldwy esa ------mlesa [ksyksxs uk \ cgqr cM+k tourament [ksys tkvksxs ------
Jairaj:ysfdu lj gqM~Mk lj th ----\
Mahender: rqe mudh fQdz er djks -----viuk crkvksa  
Both:Bhd gS lj
Hari: rsjs ikl ckWy gS ;gk ij  ….

(Anni loks at him)
Hari: dksbZ ckWy ugha \
Anni: gka th  
Hari: py ,d ckWy djds fn[kk  
(Anni takes out cricket ball from under his blouse)
Anni/Jairaj Bowling

Anni & Jairaj are bowling and Hari etc watching …Jairaj is fast and Anni has a peculiar action. Hari says to Viru 

Hari: D;ksa dSiVu dSls yxs rsjh Vhe ds u, ckWoyj A
Viru: vPNs gS lj cgqr vPNs gS  
Hari: pyks fQj yx tkvksa rS;kjh esa

Heritage School/Harry with principal

Harry is introducing 2 elder boys from the under-19 team to principal, he plan to have them in the team for the championship …principal objects and says that they are clearly over aged and not even student of their school, Harry argues that age is a non issue in cricket and all over the world people fudge their age to play. He gives example of Shahid Afridi and tells principal that after playing more than almost 10 years of cricket he is still 26. Harry says that he is doing so to make sure that they win the cup. Vice principal agrees with him and principal reluctantly gives go ahead.

Gossy: ;s D;k gS  Mr Oberoi
Harry: my boys …
Gossy: eryc
Harry: ;s nksuksa yM+ds  under 19 team Vhe ds fy, [ksyrs gS vkSj eSa ;s pkgrk gwa fd ;s bl championship esa gekjh Vhe dh rjQ ls [ksysa-----
Gossy: ;s dSls ikWflcy gS …I mean they are not even students our school
Harry: mlls D;k QdZ iM+rk gS  vkSj dkSu iwNus okyk gS just issue them school I-cards and that’s it …
Gossy: ysfdu mr Oberoi they clearly look overaged …
Harry: (laughs) age vkSj cricket …cricket esa ,st dksbZ ek;us ugha j[krh ---vkius Shahid Afridi dk uke rks lquk gS uk
Gossy: gka oks ikfdLrkuh  batsman
Harry: Afridi dh D;k ,st gksxh vkids fglkc ls ?
Gossy: well he must be 32-33…
Harry: 26! 10 lky ls  Pakistan team esa [ksy jgk gS vkSj vkt Hkh 26 lky dk gS  …age is no issue when it comes to making a team Mr Goswami …
Gossy:ysfdu Mr Oberoi,slk dSls dj ldrs gS
Chopra: sir Bhd gh rks dg jgs gS ----dkSu iwNus okyk gS Mr oberoi ----vkSj vxj blls gekjh Vhe thrrh gS whats the problem
(CU of Gossy)
Suresh putting newspaper cutting

Suresh in the school putting up newspaper clip on the notice board and kits start reading it the clip says

Clipping: State Level inter school cricket championship 
nks fnuksa ds ckn ;s championship “kq: gksus okyh gS vkSj fo”ks’kKksa dk ekuuk gS fd fiNys 5 lky dh rjg Royal heritage school gh bl ckj Hkh bl dks championship thrsxk eq[; eqdkcyk Royal Heritage…modern school …JPS public school vkSj Blubells esa gksus dh lEHkkouk gS ---bl pSfEi;uf”ki ds fy lkjs jkT; dks pkj t+ksu esa ckaVk x;k gS vkSj pkjksa t+ksul ls Vksp djus okyh Vhesa semifinal esa igq¡psxh ---fofnr gks fd jkT; Lrj ij gksus okyh bl pSfEi;uf”ki esa vke rkSj ij cM+s “kgjksa  ds cM+s Ldwy gh Hkkx ysrs gS vkSj eqdkcyk Hkh mUgh ds chp gksrk gS ----ysfdu fQj Hkh pSfEi;uf”ki  dks ysdj jkT; ds reke Ldwy  esa [kklk mRlo gSA

Championship Starts

Hari is at ground where they are playing first match of the tournament …the team is wearing blue dress …the match is being played on a matting track. Montage of shots them playing the match …interspersed with reaction of the coach, Huda and others… Viru, Shakeel, Mahi, Guri, Jairaj have played well but Anni hasn’t been able to bowl well. Finally they win the match.

Intercut with first match of Royal Heritage School …they also win

CU of a hand pinning another new clip that says that Royal Heritage is playing fantastically and have won their first match by great performance by Sid who took 8 wickets and the team has reached second round. Last line of the news clip mentions that Tejpur Adarsh Vidya Mandir has also won their first match.    

Match Montage
A montage of matches played by both the team …will focus on Adarsh Vidya Mandir’s grit and attitude and determination and will also show how easily Royal Heritage is winning its matches …there will be shots of Rustom accompanied by Sonali enjoying every moment of it. Information about the tornament will be given through newspaper clipping. Montage ends with new clipping that expresees its surprise over Adrsh Vidya Mandir reaching the finals of the championship.    

Inter School Cricket Championship…Royal heritage School dk eqdkcyk rstiqj Adarsh Vidya Mandir ls - -----

Adarsh Vidya mandir us  inter school championship ds QkbZuy esa igq¡pdj lc nkoksa dks xyr dj fn;k fd dsoy cM+s “kgjksa  ds cM+s Ldwy gh bl championship dks thr ldrs  gS ] vkn”kZ fo|k eafnj ds QkbZuy esa igq¡pus ls ;s pSfEi;uf”ki dkQh fnypLi gks xbZ gS ----gkykafd ,DliVZ dk ekuuk gS fd fiNys 5 lkyksa fd rjg bl ckj Hkh Royal Heritage School championship thr ysxk ---ysfdu vkn”kZ fo|k eafnj us bl tournament esa ftl rjg ds [ksy dk izn”kZu fd;k gS mlls ;s ckr rks r; gS fd Royal Heritage ds fy, ;g QkbZuy thruk vklku ugha gksxk A      

Hari’s House/Night

Sonali and Hari are sitting with Rustom sleeping in his lap…Hari says even today he looks like a 1 year old when in sleep…Sonali says it’s a big day tomorrow for him as a cricket coach and he would have loved if Rustom could play ….Hari disagrees and says that he has never felt like that and Rustom understand the game like any normal person. Sonali reminds him of the day when Rustom was born.

Rustam is sleeping in Hari’s lap while Hari watching him lovingly

Hari: lksrs gq, fcYdqy ,d lky ds cPps fd rjg yxrk gS ----ugha----ns[kksa ,sls vk¡[ksa can gS tSls gekjh ckrs lqu jgk gks -----
Sonali: tc ls rqe vk, gks rc ls VkbZe ij lks tkrk gS ojuk rks cspSu jgrk Fkk---dbZ ckj rks jkr dks mB tkrk Fkk---D;k lksp jgs gksA
Hari: dqN ugha A  
Sonali: eSa tkurh gw¡ ----dy rqEgkjs fy, important fnu gS uk ----QkbZuy tks igq¡p xbZ gS rqEgkjh Vhe ----eq>s iwjk ;dhu gS rqe QkbZuy thr tkvksxs -----
Hari: gjkuk ;k thruk important ugha gS lksukyh -----ns[kuk rks ;s fd esjs yM+ds dSls [kyrs gS ---vPNk [ksydj gkj Hkh x, rks eq>s nq[k ugha gksxk ----vkSj cqjk [ksy dj thr Hkh x, rks eq>s [kq”kh ugha gksxh A
Sonali: tkurh gw¡---irk gS rqEgs as a coach D;k [kkfl;r gS-----
Hari: vPNk ;s ckr gS -----D;k [kkfl;r gS crk, eSMe \
Sonali: rqe flQZ thruk ugha gkjuk Hkh tkurs gks ------
Hari: vjs okg esjh NEedNYyksa ----D;k MkW;yksx gS D;ksafd rqe flQZ thruk ugha gkjuk Hkh tkurs gks ------okg---
Sonali: rkjhQ dj jgh gw¡---dHkh dHkh feyrh gS rks ys yks -----T+;knk brjksa er---vPNk ,d ckr dgwa lp cksyksxs \ rqEgkjk eu djrk gS dHkh dHkh fd dk”k :Lre Hkh nqljs cPpksa dh rjg fdzdsV [ksy ikrk vkSj rqe mls train dj ikrs \
ugha ugha D;k ckr dj jgh gks ---rqe tkurh gks eSaus ,slk dHkh ugha lkspk A
Sonali: ij eSaus dbZ ckj lkspk
Hari: Sonali? ;kn gS tc :Lre gqvk Fkk rks eSaus D;k dgk Fkk \

Hari playing cricket

Hari is practicing in ground with some kids when his mom-in-law calls …she informs him that Sonali is in hospital and delivery could take place any time, Hari expresses his surprised and says that doctor told them that it will happen next week. Mom-in-law replies that in the ninth month it can happen any time …she says that they are caught unaware and he should buy some stuff like nappy, dippers, cotton cloths, milk bottle etc and should reach hospital ASAP. Hari makes a list of the stuff and rush.

Hari: hello
Mother:          vjs gjh lksukyh hospital esa gS -----isu “kq: gks xbZ gS csch dHkh Hkh gks ldrk gS ---rqe tYnh            ls vk tkvksa 
Hari:               exj \ lksukyh rks Bhd gS uk \  
Mother:          gka gka fcYdqy Bhd gS ----fpark er djks A  
Hari:               ,sl dSls exj MkWDVj us rks usDlV ohd dgk Fkk \
Mother:          vjs 9th month esa dqN iDdk ugha gksrk ----vc rqe QVkQV vk tkvksa ----vkSj lquksa ge yksx             Hkh QVkQV fudy vk, -----uk dqN lkeku fy;k uk csch ds diM+s oxSjg ---rqe ,d dke djks            ----vkrs gq, ekdsZV ls dqN lkeku ys vkvks ----rqe fy[k yks eSa crkrh gw¡-----
Hari:               gka ,d feuV----gka cksfy,----
Mother:          nappy, dyper, cotton ds diM+s t-shirt oxSjg , vkS<us ds pknjsa vkSj ,d vPNh                     DokfyVh dh “kgn dh f”k”kh-----cl vkSj ns[k ysuk dqN le> esa vk, rks ys vkuk Bhd gS \                    dqN Hkqyuk er
Hari:               gka eSaus fy[k fy;k gS ugha Hkwyqaxk ----cl eSa vHkh vk;kA        
Hari at hospital

Reaches hospital and sees everybody tense …mom informs that Sonali has delivered a baby boy but doctors are saying that he is mentally disabled …doctor comes and informs that it is too early to say but initial symptoms suggest that the kid sufferes from Cerebral Palsy.

Hari walking fast in the hospital corridor holding cricket stuff with both hands …he sees his mother and father standing outside the room …they are looking sad

Hari: D;k gqvk ….Sonali…?
Mother: csVk gqvk gS
Hari: vjs rks vki yksxksa dk eqg D;ksa yVdk gqvk gS
Father: csVk oks ---MkWDVj dg jgas gS csch Bhd ugha gS ---eryc oSls Bhd gS ysfdu dgrs gS fd oks normal ugha gSA
Hari: D;k eryc …normal? Doctor …;s yksx D;k \ Sonali esjh choh gS ----
Doctor: nsf[k, vkidh okbZQ vkSj cPpk iwjh rjg ls Bhd gS ysfdu ----- …baby it seems that sufferes from crebral palsy …
Hari: cerebral palsy ?
Doctor: th blesa----cPpk nhekxh :i ls FkksM+k Lykso gksrk gS ---viuh ,st ls NksVk ----mldh ckWMh vkSj ekbZaM esa coordination Bhd ugha gksrk exj vki fpark er fdft, vHkh flQZ symptoms gS dqN fnuksa esa Bhd ls irk yx tk,xk gks ldrk gS gekjk vanktk fcYdqy xyr gks A  

Hari meets the baby
Hari enters the room …he sees the baby and says that everybody is mad because his kid just perfect …he kisses kid on the forehead and tries to control Sonali who is crying.   

Hari pickes up the baby from the bed …
Hari: bu lc yksxksa dk fnekx [kjkc gS ---MkWDVj eka ckcwth lc --;s nqfu;k dh lcls lqUnj pht+ gS –tks gesa vkt feyh gS lksukyh--;s lc yksx ikxy gS

(Takes the baby to Sonali…she starts crying)

Hari: ns[kksa bls ---lksukyh! ugha lksukyh jksuk er ---cl ;gh gS tks Hkh gS ;gh gS gekjk cPpk vkSj eq>s fdlh pht+ dh f”kdk;r ugha gS …Sonali please 

(He hugs Sonali who is crying)

School/ leaving

Principal Saxena has come to wish good luck to the team …they are leaving for finals
Sonali with Rustom and rest of the team is standing there

Saxena: eqckjd gks Mr Sadu vki us oks dj fn[kk;k tks vktrd fdlh ljdkjh Ldwy us ugha fd;k is tournament esa retiqj ds lkjs v[kckjsa us vkidh bl bl dke;kch dks t+kskj “kksj ls Nkik gS ---xqM yd QkWj n~ QkbZuy eq>s dksbZ “kd ugha fd vki yksx jkt/kkuh esa Hkh gekjk vkSj Ldwy dk uke jks”ku djsaxs A
Hari: thankyou sir ;s lc vkidh support ds chuk ugha gksrkcPpsa vPNk [ksys blfy, ;gka rd igq¡ps ---;s njvly budh esgur dk urhtk gS A
Saxena: rks esjh lqHkdkeuk,a dy ds eSp ds fy, ----vPNk vki yksx tk D;ksa jgs gS A   
Suresh: cl  lj 11 cts dh cl gS oks idM+saxs vkSj “kke rd igq¡p tk,axs
Hari: vPNk lj pyrs gS

(They are abou to move when a motor van, Huda and Mahender get off it, Huda to Hari)

Huda: eq>s irk gS fd vki ;gka ns[kdj gSjku gS ----vkSj “kk;n eq>ls ukjkt Hkh gS -----eSaus tkus vutkus esa vxj dksbZ xyrh dh gks rks eSA mlds fy, vki ls ekQh ek¡xrk gw¡ ----ysfdu fdzdsV ds ckjsa esa esjh jk; vkt Hkh oSlh gh gS tks igys Fkh –exj eSA csodqQ ugha gwa Mr Sadu ---eSa ;s le>rk gwa fd vktdy ds cPpsa fdzdsV ilan djrs gS vkSj [ksyuk pkgrs gS ---;s gh gdhdr gS ---vkSj eq>s blls dksbZ ,srjkt ugha gS ---vxj esjk Ldwy wrestling dk champion gks ldrk gS ---rks fdzdsV dk Hkh champion gks ldrk gS ---eSA vkids lkFk gwa vkt rd bl Ldwy dh Vhe esjh gh xkM+h esa cSB dj tkrh jgh gS rks fQj vkt D;ksa ugha A
Hari: eq>s vki ls dksbZ f”kdk;r ugha gS gqM~Mk th ---vkids “kkfey gksus ls gekjh Vhe dk gkSalyk vkSj Hkh c<+ x;k (Hari hugs Huda)

Mahender: (with colour in his hands) lj th eq>s irk Fkk vki dksbZ nko t:j [ksysaxs ykLV esa blfy, rks eSaa Hkh rks RkS;kjh ds lkFk vk;k FkkA

(Mahender takes the colour & brush to the van where its written “Adrash Vidya Mandir wrestling team” he is about to paint the word ‘wrestling’ when Huda pushes him)

Huda: ek:¡xk lkys ds dku ij ,d ----vk;k cM+k---b/kj yk

(Takes paint from him and starts writing on the van …he puts a slash before the word ‘wrestling’ and writes ‘cricket’ before it)



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